Free Excel Invoice Template – send as PDF

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Free Excel Invoice Template – send as PDF from Outook

www.excelguru.noThe Norwegian free Excel Invoice template is rather popular, so I decided to translate it to English.

Free to use:)

Most interested in the code?

If you are interested in an invoice manager with open VBA-project, I recommend this link:

You can use The Excel invoice template for free – and you are responsible for using it according to laws in your country.

If you need more than a simple invoice

I get requests to develop forms for orders, reminders, statistics etc. If you need more than a simple invoice, please consider one of the many cloud based ERP-systems offered. Many of them allows you to send invoices for free.

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Initial Setup

Download the template and copy it to the directory you want to use it. Keep all the produced invoices in the same directory. This enables the system to create a continues series of invoice numbers. You can, of course,  keep copies elsewhere.

Enable content

Click “Enable Content” if the yellow line pops up under the toolbar when you start up.

About Me

Free Excel Invoice Template

Select the About Me tab.
Here you enter

  • Company
  • Vat number
  • Contact Name
  • Address
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Cell phone
  • Email address
  • Bank Account
  • Please pay text. Find a suitable text to encourage your customers to pay in time. You might want to change the deault text.
  • Email Body text. If you use Outlook, this will be the body text of your email.

The customers tab

Free Excel Invoice Template

Enter information about your customers:

Customer no. You choose the number series itself. The name will appear in the dropdown menu for Customer No on Invoice tab.

  • Customer Name
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Contact Name
  • Email address
  • Due days for this customer. Due date is calculated from the date of invoice + the number of days you set here. If you don’t set a value, 14 days will be used.
  • Discount. If the customer has a standard discount, you can put it here. This discount overrides the article discount.


Free Excel Invoice Template

Creating your articles

  • Article number. The item number is displayed in the dropdown menu on the order lines on the invoice tab.
  • Description. Use a short description. You can override the description when you register the invoice.
  • Unit. Eg Hours, pieces, liters, kilograms
  • VAT Y / N. Put J if you bill with VAT, N if not
  • Fixed discount. The article may have a fixed discount. If you have set a fixed discount on the customer, it will override this value.

Save and RUN!

Save invoice template now, are you ready to create your invoice 🙂

New invoice

Click the New Invoice Button.

Free Excel Invoice Template

If you have a previous invoice for the same customer or the same articles, please feel free to start up with this invoice. The template will find the next free invoice number.

You are asked if you want to delete product lines, and if you answer N to this, you can quickly change the number of articles and submit.
Select product lines, change any text on the article (s)


Free Excel Invoice template

Select customer by clicking the customer name and select from the dropdown menu (the button to the right of the customer name)


Set a discount


You are free to change the description field. If you ommit the Article number, you can write whatever you want.

Send with Outlook

When you are ready, click the Send with Outlook button. Outlook will start automatically with email addres, subject and text filled out. If you do not want to add or change anything, just click Send.

Save PDF

If you don’t use Outlook, you can click the Save PDF button. This creates a PDF in the directory where you have the invoice template so that you can use it as an attachment in your email program.

A few words about how the free Excel invoice template works

It created an Excel file for each invoice, and a PDF if you send out via Outlook or press the save PDF button. This preserves your invoice history.

Leave the invoices in the same directory. This is mandatory for the template to find the next free invoice number.

If you open an old invoice to easily create a similar  new invoice, the template will still find the next free invoice number when you press New Invoice.

Keep the name format  “Invoice_xxxx”. The template depends on this format to find the next free invoice number.

What Excel versions is the template tested on?

Excel 2013, Excel 2016

Does it work on MAC?